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When to Call a Parking Lot Crack Sealing

3 Causes Cracks in Parking Lot

Are you looking for ways to prevent cracks and water damage in your parking lot? There are a lot of causes for cracks in your parking lot, one of which is due to poor sealing and maintenance. To prevent cracks from spreading and to seal up any that already have formed, you should hire a parking lot crack sealing service to take care of it. Here are some of the causes:

Mushroom Growth

Mushroom growth is one of the common reasons for significant cracks in parking lots. They are caused by the overuse of parking lot sealant. When parking lot sealant doesn’t dry properly and is not maintained, it will result in the growth of mushrooms on the sealant. These are called off-odors, and they smell a little bit like mushrooms. It’s important to note that the growth of these mushrooms could lead to more cracks, so it’s best to call your parking lot crack sealing expert right away.

Water Leaks

Another common reason for cracks in parking lots is water leaks. Water leaks are a common problem in parking lots. Some of them are obvious, while others are not. If you’re dealing with this type of problem, you should hire a crack-sealing expert to seal up any leaks on your lot.

Road Salt Damage

If your parking lot is regularly exposed to road salt, then you may experience cracks over time. This is because road salt is highly corrosive. It can damage concrete and can even lead to bigger and worse concrete cracks over time. To prevent further damage, you should have water leaks and sealant applied regularly.

There are many other reasons for parking lot cracks, and you can find out more about them by contacting Florida Boys Paving. We are a parking lot crack sealing expert in Melbourne, FL, and we can help you deal with any issues that may arise. Contact us now at (321) 241-3996 to learn more about our services, and book an appointment with us!

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